Release date: 2022/11/20

  • Drop Python 3.6 support.

  • Add support for strict Content Security Policy (CSP) (#252)

  • Upgrade to Bootstrap 5.2.2, Popper 2.11.6, Bootswatch 5.2.2, and Boostrap Icons 1.9.1.

  • Support testing and deployment for also Python 3.10.

  • Fix example issue with Flask-SQLAlchemy paginate named parameters.

  • Add applying available Bootswatch theme in examples.


Release date: 2022/8/20

  • Add safe_columns and urlize_columns parameters to render_table macro to support rendering table column as HTML/URL (#204).

  • Rename the badge parameter of render_nav_item macro to _badge.

  • Rename the use_li parameter of render_nav_item macro to _use_li.


Release date: 2022/2/27

  • Add the missing form-select class for Bootstrap 5 form select fields (#211).


Release date: 2022/1/27

  • Remove extra quotaion mark in render_nav_item (#201).

  • Fix signature of Bootstrap.__init__() incompatible with older version (#198).


Release date: 2022/1/13

  • Drop Python 2 and 3.5 support.

  • Combine class argument of render_field or field.render_kw.class with Bootstrap classes (#159).

  • Add initial support for Bootstrap 5 (#161):
    • Add Bootstrap4 class and deprecate Bootstrap.

    • Add Bootstrap5 class for Bootstrap 5 support.

    • Move Bootstrap 4-related files to bootstrap4 subfolder, and deprecate template path bootstrap/.

    • Bootstrap 4 macros are in the bootstrap4/ template folder, and Bootstrap 5 macros are in bootstrap5/.

    • Add separate tests, templates, static files, and examples for Bootstrap 5.

  • Remove the deprecated form_errors macro and the URL string variable support in render_table.

  • Render boolean field as a Bootstrap switch with SwitchField class (#175).

  • Add BOOTSTRAP_FORM_GROUP_CLASSES config for Bootstrap 5, defaults to mb-3. Also add a form_group_classes parameter for render_form, render_field, and render_form_row (#184).

  • Add BOOTSTRAP_FORM_INLINE_CLASSES config for Bootstrap 5, defaults to row row-cols-lg-auto g-3 align-items-center. Also add a form_inline_classes parameter for render_form (#184).

  • Add form_type and horizontal_columns parameters to render_form_row (#192).

  • Add support for WTForms range fields (DecimalRangeField and IntegerRangeField) (#194).

  • Bump Bootstrap Icons to v1.7.2.

  • Bump Bootstrap & Bootswatch to 4.6.1/5.1.3.


Release date: 2021/9/5

  • Fix bootswatch theme bug: remove theme name 'default' (#141).

  • Add configuration BOOTSTRAP_TABLE_VIEW_TITLE, BOOTSTRAP_TABLE_EDIT_TITLE, BOOTSTRAP_TABLE_DELETE_TITLE, BOOTSTRAP_TABLE_NEW_TITLE to support changing the icon title of table actions (#140).

  • Introduce a new and better way to pass table action URLs (#146, #151).

  • Deprecate action_pk_placeholder and placeholder action URLs in render_table.

  • Support SRI for JS/CSS resources (#142).


Release date: 2021/6/10

  • Add a custom_actions parameter for the render_table macro. When passing a list of tuples [(title, bootstrap icon, link)] to the custom_actions parameter, the render_table macro will create an icon (link) on the action column for each tuple in the list. The title text (first index of each tuple) will show when hovering over each custom_actions button (#134).

  • Update Bootstrap Icons to v1.5.0.

  • Improve action icons for render_table, now the icons can be styled with the action-icon CSS class (#137).

  • Change the default action_pk_placeholder to ':id'. The support to the old value will be removed in version 2.0 (#138).


Release date: 2021/5/29

  • Add a new_url parameter for the render_table macro. When passing an URL to the new_url parameter, the render_table macro will create an icon (link) on the action header (#133).

  • Fix the display of the delete icon for render_table macro (#132).


Release date: 2021/5/18

  • Fix class for horizontal form label (#131).

  • Fix hidden field label issue for render_field macro (#130).

  • Refactor tests (#125).


Release date: 2021/4/13

  • Fix render_table macro for SQLAlchemy >= 1.4 (#124).


Release date: 2020/11/9

  • Fix missing end angle bracket for bootswatch CSS link tag (#110).

  • Migrate tests to pytest (#109).


Release date: 2020/8/30

  • Fix tox broken environments.

  • Fix ResourceWarning in test_local_resources (#78).

  • Fix IndexError when using render_table with empty data (#75).

  • Add support for actions column in render_table macro (#76).

  • Add support for Bootswatch theme via configuration BOOTSTRAP_BOOTSWATCH_THEME (#88).

  • Fix checkbox render issue: add for attribute to link <label> with checkbox, only add is-invalid class when there are errors.

  • Change default button style class from btn-secondary to btn-primary (#62).

  • Deprecated form_errors macro and it will be removed in 2.0, add render_hidden_errors macro as replacement.

  • Add render_icon macro to render Bootstrap icon with Bootstrap Icon SVG Sprite (#99).

  • Add configuration BOOTSTRAP_MSG_CATEGORY to set default message category.


Release date: 2020/6/15

  • Add render_table macro to render a Bootstrap table (#71).


Release date: 2020/5/30

  • Support display error message for RadioField and BooleanField, display description for RadioField.


Release date: 2020/4/29

  • Fix add field.render_kw.class to form label class attribute.

  • Fix append extra space in class attribute when no field.render_kw.class presents (#63).


Release date: 2020/4/23

  • Fix enctype attribute setting for WTForms MultipleFileField (Flask-Bootstrap #198).

  • Fix WTForms field class append bug when using render_kw={'class': 'my-class'} (#53).

  • Fix WTForms field description not showing for BooleanField (Flask-Bootstrap #197).

  • Add configuration variable BOOTSTRAP_BTN_STYLE``(default to ``primary) and BOOTSTRAP_BTN_SIZE``(default to ``md) to set default form button style and size globally.

  • Add parameter button_style and button_map for render_form and render_field to set button style and size.


Release date: 2019/12/5

  • Add macro render_messages for rendering flashed messages.

  • Fix rendering bug for WTForms FormField (#34).


Release date: 2019/9/9

  • Update Bootstrap version to 4.3.1


Release date: 2019/3/7

  • Added macro render_form_row for rendering a row of a bootstrap grid form.


Release date: 2018/11/14

  • Fix missing error message when form type was horizontal.

  • Fix missing input label for RadioField.

  • Fix RadioField grid when form type was horizontal.


Release date: 2018/9/6

  • Correct macro name used in templates/bootstrap/form.html: form_field –> render_field.


Release date: 2018/8/30

  • Built-in resources loading not based on``FLASK_ENV``.


Release date: 2018/8/7

  • Fix unmatched built-in jQuery filename. (#8)


Release date: 2018/8/7

  • Fix KeyError Exception if ENV isn’t defined. (#7)


Release date: 2018/7/24

  • Add missing <script> tag in resources URL. (#3)


Release date: 2018/7/22

  • Built-in resources will be used when FLASK_ENV set to development.

  • Change CDN provider to jsDelivr.


Release date: 2018/7/21

  • Include popper.js before bootstrap.js in bootstrap.load_js(). (#2)


Release date: 2018/7/1

  • Fix local resources path error

  • Add basic unit tests


Release date: 2018/6/11

Initial release.