Basic Usage


$ pip install bootstrap-flask

This project can’t work with Flask-Bootstrap at the same time. If you have already installed Flask-Bootstrap in the same Python enviroment, you have to uninstall it and then reinstall this project:

$ pip uninstall flask-bootstrap bootstrap-flask
$ pip install bootstrap-flask


See Migrate from Flask-Bootstrap to learn how to migrate from Flask-Bootstrap.


from flask_bootstrap import Bootstrap
from flask import Flask

app = Flask(__name__)

bootstrap = Bootstrap(app)

Resources helpers

Bootstrap-Flask provides two helper functions to load Bootstrap resources in the template: bootstrap.load_css() and bootstrap.load_js().

Call it in your base template, for example:

{{ bootstrap.load_css() }}
{{ bootstrap.load_js() }}

You can pass version to pin the Bootstrap 4 version you want to use. It defaults to load files from CDN. Set BOOTSTRAP_SERVE_LOCAL to True to use built-in local files. However, these methods are optional, you can also write <href></href> and <script></script> tags to include Bootstrap resources (from your static folder or CDN) manually by yourself.

Starter template

For reasons of flexibility, Bootstrap-Flask doesn’t include built-in base templates (this may change in the future). For now, you have to create a base template yourself. Be sure to use an HTML5 doctype and include a viewport meta tag for proper responsive behaviors. Here’s an example base template:

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
        {% block head %}
        <!-- Required meta tags -->
        <meta charset="utf-8">
        <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, shrink-to-fit=no">

        {% block styles %}
            <!-- Bootstrap CSS -->
            {{ bootstrap.load_css() }}
        {% endblock %}

        <title>Your page title</title>
        {% endblock %}
        <!-- Your page content -->
        {% block content %}{% endblock %}

        {% block scripts %}
            <!-- Optional JavaScript -->
            {{ bootstrap.load_js() }}
        {% endblock %}

Use this in your templates folder (suggested names are base.html or layout.html etc.), and inherit it in child templates. See Template Inheritance for more details on inheritance.


Macro Templates Path Description
render_field() bootstrap/form.html Render a WTForms form field
render_form() bootstrap/form.html Render a WTForms form
render_form_row() bootstrap/form.html Render a row of a grid form
render_hidden_errors() bootstrap/form.html Render error messages for hidden form field
render_pager() bootstrap/pagination.html Render a basic Flask-SQLAlchemy pagniantion
render_pagination() bootstrap/pagination.html Render a standard Flask-SQLAlchemy pagination
render_nav_item() bootstrap/nav.html Render a navigation item
render_breadcrumb_item() bootstrap/nav.html Render a breadcrumb item
render_static() bootstrap/utils.html Render a resource reference code (i.e. <link>, <script>)
render_messages() bootstrap/utils.html Render flashed messages send by flash() function
render_icon() bootstrap/utils.html Render a Bootstrap icon
render_table() bootstrap/table.html Render a table with given data

How to use these macros? It’s quite simple, just import them from the corresponding path and call them like any other macro:

{% from 'bootstrap/form.html' import render_form %}

{{ render_form(form) }}

Go to the Use Macros page to see the detailed usage for these macros.


Configuration Variable Default Value Description
BOOTSTRAP_SERVE_LOCAL False If set to True, local resources will be used for load_* methods.
BOOTSTRAP_BTN_STYLE 'primary' Default form button style, will change to primary in next major release
BOOTSTRAP_BTN_SIZE 'md' Default form button size
BOOTSTRAP_ICON_SIZE '1em' Default icon size
BOOTSTRAP_ICON_COLOR None Default icon color, follow the context with currentColor if not set
BOOTSTRAP_BOOTSWATCH_THEME None Bootswatch theme to use, see available themes at Bootswatch Themes
BOOTSTRAP_MSG_CATEGORY 'primary' Default flash message category
BOOTSTRAP_TABLE_VIEW_TITLE 'View' Default title for view icon of table actions
BOOTSTRAP_TABLE_EDIT_TITLE 'Edit' Default title for edit icon of table actions
BOOTSTRAP_TABLE_DELETE_TITLE 'Delete' Default title for delete icon of table actions
BOOTSTRAP_TABLE_NEW_TITLE 'New' Default title for new icon of table actions


See Form Button Customization to learn how to customize form buttons.