Advanced Usage

Form Button Customization

Button Style

When you use form related macros, you have a couple ways to style buttons. Before we start to dive into the solutions, let’s review some Bootstrap basics: In Bootstrap 4, you have 9 normal button style and 8 outline button style, so you have 17 button style classes below:

  • btn-primary
  • btn-secondary
  • btn-success
  • btn-danger
  • btn-warning
  • btn-info
  • btn-light
  • btn-dark
  • btn-link
  • btn-outline-primary
  • btn-outline-secondary
  • btn-outline-success
  • btn-outline-danger
  • btn-outline-warning
  • btn-outline-info
  • btn-outline-light
  • btn-outline-dark

Remove the btn- prefix, you will get what we (actually, I) called “Bootstrap button style name”:

  • primary
  • secondary
  • success
  • danger
  • warning
  • info
  • light
  • dark
  • link
  • outline-primary
  • outline-secondary
  • outline-success
  • outline-danger
  • outline-warning
  • outline-info
  • outline-light
  • outline-dark

You will use these names in Bootstrap-Flask. First, you configuration variables BOOTSTRAP_BTN_STYLE to set a global form button style:

from flask import Flask
from flask_bootstrap import Bootstrap

app = Flask(__name__)
bootstrap = Bootstrap(app)

app.config['BOOTSTRAP_BTN_STYLE'] = 'primary'  # default to 'secondary'

Or you can use button_style parameter when using render_form, render_field and render_form_row, this parameter will overwrite BOOTSTRAP_BTN_STYLE:

{% from 'bootstrap/form.html' import render_form %}

{{ render_form(form, button_style='success') }}

Similarly, you can use this way to control the button size. In Bootstrap 4, buttons can have 4 sizes:

  • btn-sm
  • btn-md (the default size)
  • btn-lg
  • btn-block

So, the size names used in Bootstrap-Flask will be:

  • sm
  • md (the default size)
  • lg
  • block

Now you can use a configuration variable called BOOTSTRAP_BTN_STYLE to set global form button size:

from flask import Flask
from flask_bootstrap import Bootstrap

app = Flask(__name__)
bootstrap = Bootstrap(app)

app.config['BOOTSTRAP_BTN_SIZE'] = 'sm'  # default to 'md'

there also a parameter called button_size in form related macros (it will overwrite BOOTSTRAP_BTN_SIZE):

{% from 'bootstrap/form.html' import render_form %}

{{ render_form(form, button_size='lg') }}

if you need a block level small button (btn btn-sm btn-block), you can just do something hacky like this:

app.config['BOOTSTRAP_BTN_SIZE'] = 'sm btn-block'

What if I have three buttons in one form, and I want they have different styles and sizes? The answer is button_map parameter in form related macros. button_map is a dictionary that mapping button field name to Bootstrap button style names. For example, {'submit': 'success'}. Here is a more complicate example:

{% from 'bootstrap/form.html' import render_form %}

{{ render_form(form, button_map={'submit': 'success', 'cancel': 'secondary', 'delete': 'danger'}) }}

It will overwrite button_style and BOOTSTRAP_BTN_STYLE.

Bootswatch Themes

Bootswatch is a collection of free and open source themes for Bootstrap. If you are using bootstrap.load_css() to include Bootstrap resources. Then you can set Bootswatch theme with configuration variable BOOTSTRAP_BOOTSWATCH_THEME.

The available theme names are: ‘cerulean’, ‘cosmo’, ‘cyborg’, ‘darkly’, ‘flatly’, ‘journal’, ‘litera’, ‘lumen’, ‘lux’, ‘materia’, ‘minty’, ‘pulse’, ‘sandstone’, ‘simplex’, ‘sketchy’, ‘slate’, ‘solar’, ‘spacelab’, ‘superhero’, ‘united’, ‘yeti’.

Here is an example to use lumen theme:

app.config['BOOTSTRAP_BOOTSWATCH_THEME'] = 'lumen'

You can find these themes on